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Over 20 years experience

Over 20 years experience

Starting off as a young girl that was in constant contact with her guides and angels, I grew up In a haunted house learning about ghosts and the other side since a very young age.

Always having an interest in Palmistry and Divination, I read a short chapter at the age of 17 on palmistry, went on to school that day to read several friends and was shockingly gifted

Since then I started out professionally nightly in October at various Halloween Theme Parks, and still love every moment of it!

I have since then moved on to do various events in the Twin Cities Area. Including the opening of the Opera, La Triviata in Minneapolis, The TwinWest Chamber of Commerce 30th Annual Gala

Echo Bodine's AuraPalooza

Third Saturday of every month

I am a regular at this wonderful event, offering palm readings and conversations with the other side.

scheduling a time ahead is recommended but walk-in's are always accepted!

For more information about Aurapalooza, please visit:


Friday and Saturday nights at Scream Town & Abandoned Hay Ride, nights in October

This is an Awesome Event that I am so proud to be a part of!

Going on 10 plus years, Book in advance at screamtown.com

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